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Diagnosing and Treating Dog Hair Loss and Itching

By May 31, 2018 November 2nd, 2021 No Comments

Meet my sweet little corgi, Lizzie.  She shares my home with her sister Bella and two purring kitties, Sophia (Loren) and Robert (Duvall).  Poor baby.  Note the hair loss on her snout, ears, and chest. She’s completely lost her typical thick Corgi undercoat.  In addition, she’s itchy and I’ve noticed an increase in anxiety. We are on a systematic journey to find her some help.  Our San Francisco veterinarians have put her on an 8 week food trial to determine (or eliminate) food allergies and she is now eating hypo-allergenic Hill’s Prescription Diet z/d Ultra, exclusively. We are also trying the correct dose of Melatonin as well as an Adaptil collar to see if that decreases her anxiety. Thank you to all the Balboa Pet Hospital doctors.  I’m happy we have a plan.

She looked like a Corg-upine yesterday. None of the typical shedding was left in the tub.  Today she smells and looks much better.The hardest part of this difficult to diagnose is us humans. We must “comply” with our  veterinarians plan.  I’ll do my very best to keep her from eating EVERYTHING under the sun. AND I’ll keep you all updated on her progress towards finding a cause. You’ll get to see a “pretty” Lizzie picture next week.  Thanks again, Becca, for being so gentle with her in the tub!

~ Christie

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