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<3 Give your Pet A Microchip for Valentines Day <3

By May 31, 2018 November 2nd, 2021 No Comments

We’re sharing the love Valentines Week. (February 9-14)

50% off Microchip Implantation and FREE microchip scanning to help you keep your contact information current.

In the last six months, we’ve seen a number of pets walk through our door that have lost their owners.  Some already have a microchip but the owners information is not correct.  Wrong phone number, wrong address. So sad! It’s lucky when we can reunite them without having to involve a call or trip to animal care and control. Our goal is that all of our patients (and pets in our neighborhood) are microchipped AND have up to date registration information.

Tiny rice sized Microchips vastly improve your chances of reuniting, if we can contact you once your pet is found. Do you know your pet’s microchip number?  We enter it into our patient information.  If you have forgotten, or lost your documentation, bring your pet by Balboa Pet Hospital.  We can scan and obtain the number. Once we have that, we’ll help you look up the current registration.

You can use the American Animal Hospital Association’s Universal microchip look up tool.  We also use this site to assist you in the lobby.  If you want to check it out yourself, click on the image or link below:

All you have to do is enter the microchip ID below and click “Search”. Enter only the 9, 10 or 15 character microchip number, with no punctuation or spaces. Do not include the microchip type code or manufacturer’s name or abbreviation. The results are returned with the most recent entry displaying first. Therefore, start by calling the company listed first in the “enrolled with” box. If you are unable to get the correct information from the top record, work your way down the list.  Call us at Balboa Pet Hospital for assistance with any part of the process.  Your pet will need a current examination on file to schedule microchip implantation outside of an exam appointment.  HAPPY VALENTINES WEEK!

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