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Your Rabbit

Deserves Veterinary Care

Just like cats, dogs, and other pets, your rabbit will need preventive medical care. Balboa Pet Hospital Veterinarians in San Francisco recommend that you make an appointment for a thorough exam right after you adopt your new rabbit. Click here for tips on how to choose the right rabbit for your family. During the first examination, your doctor can ensure he or she is healthy and disease free. Rabbits do not generally need vaccinations. Talk with our veterinarian about any concerns you may have. It's important that you understand your bunny's medical care needs, as well as environmental concerns. Rabbits should be examined by your veterinarian annually up to age 6 and twice yearly thereafter. They should also be tested annually for intestinal parasites, which can be treated if they are found. Diseases and conditions can be treated and outcomes are greatly improved, if caught early.

WARNING : Unlike dogs and cats, If your bunny stops eating even for a day, that is a medical emergency. Get your rabbit to the veterinarian right away, or they can die.

Female rabbits should be spayed after 6 months of age and male rabbits should be neutered to avoid numerous unpleasant behaviors, like spraying and "humping".

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Preventive Care & Basic Needs

  • Annual examinations to age 6 years
  • Twice yearly exams over 6 years
  • Annual parasite testing
  • Proper housing and bedding
  • Proper diet
  • Spay or Neuter

Here is an EXCELLENT RESOURCE ---- View or a print this handout with general rabbit care guidelines: nutrition, environment, supplies & responsibilities. This will answer many common questions. Give it to a friend BEFORE they adopt a bunny!

It's important to carefully consider whether adding a rabbit to your family is a good idea. Click Here for another excellent article from PetHealth Network.

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