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Pet Health Certificates

Planning a trip with your pet?

Need a Pet Health Certificate? Buying Tickets?

Not So Fast! When traveling with your pet you start by finding out the requirements of each state or country. When traveling to a foreign country you must first make sure your pet is in compliance with requirements of the countries you are traveling to. Watch the video for a brief introduction from USDA APHIS, then click on the links below the video for more information.

Veterinarians who complete Health Certificates must be certified to do so. Our San Francisco Veterinarians can help you through the process. (If you want to click on the APHIS USDA logo, you'll go directly to their website.)

Start by watching this video:

More Information & Drop Down Menu of Countries

Start your research here!

Pet Health Certificates Find where you are traveling to and get information you need.

Click on the Basset Hound for a handy drop down menu of countries, also from the APHIS (USDA) website.

More information on Pet Health Certificataes from USDA / Aphis

Click on the Orange Tabby kitten for more Health Certificate Information from APHIS (USDA)

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