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If you have an San Francisco pet emergency...

Our Veterinary doctors and technicians at Balboa Pet Hospital are ready to provide the emergency treatment your pet needs. If time allows and someone is with you, call us ahead so we can start getting prepared to provide emergency medical care immediately. If you are alone, just come right away. Your pet will be assessed by a veterinarian or veterinary technician, and triaged much like a human hospital. The doctor will examine your pet, stabilize them and determine any additional care needed.

See the list below of emergency symptoms that require immediate attention.

For Daytime Emergencies

Balboa Pet Hospital 1-415-752-3300

Mon- Fri 8 to 6 AND Saturday 8 to 3 
"between 34th and 35th Ave"

For After-Hours Emergencies, we recommend:

Balboa Pet Hospital recommends Nor Cal Veterinary Emergency

NorCal Vet Emergency 1-415-413-7363

approx 17 minutes from BPH "Easy Parking, just off the 280"

Balboa Pet Hospital recommends SFVS

San Francisco Veterinary Specialists 1-415-401-9200

approx 17 minutes from BPH "corner of Alabama & 18th"

Examples of Pet Emergencies:

These issues require immediate attention.  Do not delay getting treatment, the problem can get worse.

Trauma                                                                                  Seizure                                                                              Coughing up blood

Repeated or bloody vomiting                                  Head tilt                                                                            Productive cough

Unproductive vomiting                                               Bloody, watery, severe diarrhea                        Uncontrollable sneezing

Incessant vomiting                                                         Blood in urine, male cat                                           Eye problems

Bloated abdomen                                                            Straining to urinate                                                    Sudden loss of vision

Poison ingestion                                                              Severe constipation                                                   Nasal bleeding  

Blue or pale gums                                                           Vaginal discharge                                                        Lacerations/Cuts

Uncontrollable drooling                                              Collapse/Unable to walk

Open mouth breathing                                                Non-weight bearing lameness


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