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Balboa Pet Hospital

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In-House Lab Tests and Diagnostics

Our facility is proud to offer an in-house laboratory that performs diagnostic tests for your pets. Because the tests are performed onsite, the results are typically available more quickly than lab tests that must be sent away to be read. Although it depends on the test, some lab results are available immediately, and others on the same day.

X-ray of a dog's legs and tail.


We have a digital x-ray machine that produces clear, crisp radiographs that can be sent electronically wherever they are needed. Consulting radiologists do not even have to be in the office in order to access the films. X-rays are important for diagnosing broken bones, but because pets cannot talk, x-rays are used for many more purposes with them than with people. If your pet has swallowed a foreign object or developed chronic pain, x-rays may be used to assess the situation.

Blood Tests

Routine blood testing is an important way to keep track of your pet's internal health. Having these tests performed when your pet is healthy provides a baseline value to work from if your pet ever needs diagnostic blood work when they are sick. Knowing what is normal for your pet allows our veterinarians to better see when something is abnormal.

All common blood tests are performed here at our lab:

  • CBC (Complete Blood Count)
  • Chemistry panels
  • Pre-anesthesia screening
  • Heartworm testing

Pre-anesthesia blood work and organ function tests allow our vets to customize surgery and medication plans as needed for your pet's safety, and diagnostic screening tests allow us to check for the presence of conditions like heartworm that are often asymptomatic.


Cytology is the study of cells and tissue for diagnostic purposes. In humans, a common example of cytology is reading a pap smear. In pets, cytology is used for many purposes, some of which include looking at cells from new lumps or bumps and examining bodily fluids for the presence of abnormal cells. Fecal smears are a form of cytology that is sometimes used to identify parasites or abnormal cells within the sample when a pet is having gastrointestinal upset.

Skin Analysis

The skin is the largest organ in the body, in both pets and people. It performs a multitude of functions and responds in a variety of ways to medical conditions. Analysis of skin abnormalities is thus an important part of understanding what is going on within your pet. Whether the condition is a simple skin infection or an external sign of a bigger internal problem, skin analysis is a valuable tool in the veterinary diagnostic process.

Balboa Pet Hospital Offers the Latest in Lab Technology and Diagnostics

We strive to provide the best possible care for your pets and to do so, we must have access to the best lab technology and diagnostic techniques. Pets cannot tell us so many of the things that human medicine relies on, so it is critical that we have access to accurate and comprehensive veterinary testing facilities. Here at Balboa Pet Hospital in San Francisco, we can check your pet over from nose to tail with our array of modern diagnostic equipment conveniently located in our onsite laboratory. Just call 1-415-752-3300 to make an appointment.

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  •           8/29/2017

    I love Balboa Pet Hospital! Balboa Pet Hospital's staff is amazing! The staff is knowledgeable, caring and above all honest! I feel confident that my pets are getting the best possible care there. The staff has always taken time to answer all of my questions and if I think of something after my appointment, I can just email! I know I won’t have to wait too long for response.

    Unfortunately, this year I’ve had to make some really difficult decisions. The compassion the staff showed to both my pet and I made these unbearable times tolerable. I am indebted to both Dr. Del Rosso and (the wonderful) Dr. Ravn for their kindness, compassion and dedication.

    If you are new to the area or just looking for a new vet, please give Balboa pet Hospital a call!

  •           6/5/2017

    LOVE everything about this place!!! The people are all super nice & caring. I never feel like they’re trying to sell me stuff I don’t need. The vets (especially Dr. Alice Chan) are wonderful, I always fee; comfortable coming here whenever Walle has an issue. They even help me file the insurance claims after each visit! Would highly recommended any pet owners to see them for their fur-baby needs.

  •           6/5/2017

    My dog has been a regular patient since 7 years ago. Once in a while we visit other hospitals due to time conflicts. However, we always go back to Balboa Pet Hospital. My dog has bad allergy and the doctors and assistants always follow up with us after the treatments or visits, help us submit the insurance claims. It’s not a cheapest place to go but their patience and caring are irreplaceable.

  •           4/28/2017

    I’m glad to have found Balboa Pet Hospital near my home. It’s definitely a hidden gem! Dr. Chan saw my dog, Oreo, for her skin problem last week, and my three cats, Pepper, Tofu and Cola, today for annual check-up. She’s very patient (especially with Oreo who’s shy to strangers), knowledgeable and approachable. The front staffs are also very friendly and helpful. They are so prompt to reply my email (within a few hours when I checked back my mailbox). All my pets are about 1-year-old and I’ll definitely bring them here for their health issues/checkup in many years followed.

  •           5/4/2017

    Brought my dog here for a checkup and some minor concerns. Dr. Chan was very professional. She got my dog the treatment he needed and answered all my questions regarding my concerns. The rest of the staff were very friendly and gentle with my dog. You could tell that the staff are genuine animal lovers; definitely something you want when you entrust the health of your pet to someone.

  •           5 of 5

    Been bringing our animals to Balboa for over 25 years and will continue because they provide great advice and care. We love Dr. D and staff are really helpful and friendly. Now if I can find medical care for myself like my animals get at Balboa...

  •           5 of 5

    I have been a patron of Balboa Pet Hospital for almost 500 years now (wink). I love Everybody there and feel they are have always been a great resource and the BEST support system for everything pertaining to my pets.


    The staff is very kind and gentle, the doctors are very caring and patient when dealing with my scared cat Lulu. I appreciate the time they took to put her at ease and making this procedure as painless as possible for the both of us. Will definitely be spreading the word. Thank you Balboa Pet Hospital.

    Linda P. San Francisco, CA

    The staff is so kind and helpful but most importantly the vets there are super nice. Big shout out especially to Dr. Ravn, one of the most compassionate persons I've ever met. I was distraught recently because my elderly kitty was really sick, Dr. Ravn squeezed me into her busy schedule, hugged me and took care of my kitty right away. I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. She's always so patient and spends time to explain what her thoughts are and works with you on a plan of action. She always personally follows up and give me additional insights and recommendations. I rarely met a vet so dedicated to both patients and their owners.

    Flo A (12/7/2017)

    They are professional and dedicated to take care of the pets. It is my our first time have pet dog and they are actually helpful guiding us to have a healthy baby dog. Thanks for the staff for being friendly and approachable. Keep loving your work and people will most likely to appreciate you.

    Dyan M. (11/22/2017)

    Family has been coming to Balboa since the early 1980's with our
    first cat, Rascal, then Kahlua & Tommy, Annie, Tigger & Rocco,
    Rosie, Chelsea, and Ruby. Two more kittens (Rose and Shadow)
    will be joining too. Wouldn't trust anyone else.


    I have been taking cats to Balboa Pet Hospital for more than 30
    years. The veterinarians and staff have always taken excellent care
    of my cats. They helped me keep the cats healthy and happy &
    have always been great when the cats were ill